Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh..! those were the days..!

Today the Imam Sahib recited the famous verses Waseeqal lazeena... verses in Fajr prayer. I enjoyed each and every word of them. After a long time my heart was filled with joy to the brim. When I returned from the masjid my heart was overwhelmed with the nostalgic thoughts.
I recalled those days when I was new to this city called Chennai. Moulana Ejaz Ahmed Aslam Sahib was at the helm of affairs then. He was also very fond of these verses. He used to recite them in Isha prayer. His voice and style was unique. I miss his Qirat. Nowadays he visits Chennai rarely and briefly. He was a tremendous leader. Hearing Quran from him makes you cry. On those days, when we were very few people in Jamaat Office -Moulana M A Jameel Sahib, Qutb Sahib, Zafar Sahib, S. N. Sikkander Sahib, Aleem Sahib- once he recited these verses in Isha prayer. Oh..! What a experience it was..! I felt myself marching towards Jannat with its doors wide open with these gentlemen..! I could not control my tears then and now also as I type these lines. Pray for me brothers.
The power of these verses is unimaginable.
Iam giving here the English translation of the same.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

(After the judgement has been passed) the unbelievers shall be driven in companies to Hell so that when they arrive there, its gates shall be thrown open and its keepers shall say to them: "Did Messengers from among yourselves not come to you, rehearsing to you Signs of your Lord and warning you against your meeting of this Day?" They will say: "Yes indeed; but the sentence of chastisement was bound to be executed against the unbelievers." It will be said: "Enter the gates of Hell. Herein shall you abide." How evil is the abode of vainglorious!

And those who eschewed disobeying their Lord shall be driven in companies to Paradise so that when they arrive there its gates will have already been thrown open and its keepers shall say to them: "Peace be upon you; you have done well. So enter. Herein you shall abide." They will say: "All thanks and praise be to Allah who has made His promise to us come true, and Who gave us the earth to inherit. We may now dwell in Paradise wherever we please." How excellent is the reward of those who laboured!

You shall see the angels surrounding the Throne, glorifying their Lord with His praise, and judgement will have been made among them with fairness, and it will be proclaimed: "All praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the whole Universe."
Al-Zumar 39: 71-75

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